Reading code in GitHub made a bit easier

date: 2016-02-17


I've been reading Lua/Torch code recently. Maybe I'm spoiled by Python community and its nice documentations, so I feel not too comfortable about Torch code hosted in GitHub. Often times, I have to open many tabs to keep track of the definitions of functions/classes.

Octo-Linker is claimed to be able to navigate across files and packages on GitHub, but it does not support Python or Lua.

Less painful

The approach I take is ...hmm... stupid and manual: I fork those libraries I have to refer to frequently and pull them to my local systems. Then I can use Pycharm, Eclipse, Sublime or Atom to view those lovely and beautiful codes.

So far so good.

PS: I still wonder why Torch community does not like documentation generator, which is quite popular in Python community?

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