Proud to be a Bottom-up Doer and More

Problems with Idea Persons

Ideas are cheap. Don't get me wrong, because ideas are indispensable and act as blueprint. But it seems that everyone has lots of good ideas.

It has been proved that as long as the complexity of a neural network is high enough, it creates lots and lots of equivalent local minima and makes them easy to find. The analogy applies to real world too: others, however, also have many good ideas. The difference lies in whether you are able to do it!

Leader vs Boss

On the other hand, we no longer need so many intermediate managers as information flows quite fluently with the help of communication and project management techniques. For example, if programmers can share and discuss via GitHub , Trello and Gitter etc., then why should we have frequent boring lengthy meetings with knowing-little-and-not-willing-to-learn-and-bossy MBA holders?

Like the discussion here: http://elitedaily.com/money/entrepreneurship/things-distinguishes-leader-boss/. Bosses tend to become abstract in the sense that they become more abstract without the ability to provide a solution or algorithm; while leaders still have the mindset and skills to enable them to give a doable solution and do it.

My Transition

I used to act more like an idea person and try not to think through the details. It turns out that evil lies in the details. Now I'm practicing every single day to form the habit of doing it bottom up.

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