The law of attraction matrix- are you ready to take the red pill (digest)


Law of attraction goal success are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Commitment
  3. Passion
  4. Positive Emotions
  5. Clear Focus
  6. Daily Action


You need to start by being REALLY CLEAR about exactly what you want to achieve. To be specific.



Positive Outlook

To truly achieve your desired outcome, you must clear out any negative emotions around your ability to create your desired final outcome!


Daily Action

Success is created one day at a time, and so is failure! Your daily choices determine which will manifest in your life.


The Influence of Belief

Suppose you "believe" you are an intelligent person with great potential. This belief will then guide your actions, and your belief will therefore create your reality.

What Einstein Started

One of the most interesting lessons from quantum physics is that when scientists intend to observe something (a sub-atomic particle or light photon), it is being observed. You too exert a personal sub-atomic effect on the "physical" matter you interact with simply because of the force of your mental intention.

In terms of the Law of Attraction, this provides a solid, science-based explanation of exactly how our thoughts and intentions actually create what we call our "reality."

Thoughts as Energy

Power of a repeated thought.

Your Amazing Brain

Modern Field Theory proposes that ALL of life exists as a single unified conscious field - an interwoven relationship in which each part affects the whole at every moment. What we call "reality" is not fixed, but is changeable and open to influence - and the highly organized energy of consciousness (or mind) has the ability to change anything and everything.

Field Theory also proposes that both time and space are actually an ever present "now" and "here". A great deal of new scientific research evidence has now shown that any focused "intention" actually travels across time and space.

Experiments have been done to study the effect that mind has on physical matter.

Our future actions, choices and possibilities actually create our present intentions. This implies that you have actually ALREADY achieved your Law of Attraction goal, and that your current intention to reach toward it has come backward to you through time.

Think of the implications of this: Every action you take or thought you have in the present may have come backward to you from the future.

The important point to realize is this: The passionate thing you want to create already IS, and your intent to create it is pulling you forward from the future. This underscores the importance of going after a project that burns inside you passionately ... of listening to the yearnings of your inner self and its very real connection to your future self.

Law of Attraction Action Plan

  1. DECIDE. The starting point is having a definite purpose backed by burning desire for its fulfillment.
  2. COMMIT.
  4. WRITE. Write a clear, concise description of exactly what you want, and THEN read it aloud twice a day.
  6. ACT AS IF.


  • Strategy 1 - Give Up
  • Strategy 2 - Try Harder
  • Strategy 3 - Adapt and Change

Responding vs. Reacting

REACTING is a "knee jerk" action controlled by the oldest, non-logical portion of our brain.

RESPONDING, on the other hand, occurs in the higher thinking centers of your brain.

Create a Response-Driven Life

How to Build Resilience

  1. Believe in your own potential
  2. Embrace change.
  3. Build your problem-solving skills.
  4. Take action

Overcome Fear of Failure

The minute you recall a past failure in the present moment, it takes control of your present and your future. Remember that the next time you catch yourself thinking about a past painful memory! A better response is to just remind yourself that anything in your past made you stronger. You did survive those things after all - or you would not be here today! Reclaim your power Stop blaming.

The minute you blame something or something for your problems or challenges - you throw your own power away. Blame just prevents you from moving forward and finding solutions to your challenges. You can kick a dead horse until you break your foot, but it still won't get up and pull your cart down the street.

Put the Law of Attraction to Work

Life rewards action.

  1. See yourself as big enough to stand in the face of any mistakes and consequences. Remember, even a failed attempt at something is an indication you are stretching yourself.
  2. Aim for your best, but be realistic. Better than seeking absolute perfection, simply strive to make bold decisions. You now know how to interpret what most people call failure, and realize it is just a step forward on the path to your success.
  3. Focus on having actually ALREADY achieved your desired end result no matter what is thrown at you
  4. We never know how long it may take to achieve a Law of Attraction goal, or what lessons we will have to learn along the way. Be patient. Enjoy pursuing your dreams, and know that fear of failure no longer controls your decisions, and you will achieve your goals.
  5. One of the most important things you can do is to set up and follow a DAILY success practice. Keep yourself on track and on purpose.


The Nature of Awareness Awareness can change "reality"

What Awareness Controls Inside our human consciousness

The Power of Words

Achieve More Focused Awareness

That old saying, "you become what you think about" is more than just a saying. Your mental focus actually creates your brain-based reality. And your words are a direct expression of that focus.

The Power of Intention

Bending Your Mind

Applied Intention

The first step in getting something you don't have today is to convert your desire into a Law of Attraction INTENTION. This is NOT the same as thinking about whether or not you can achieve it! This is about setting an intention to HAVE it.

Is your desired outcome possible? Here's how this works: if you cannot clearly see yourself achieving that goal, your mind will probably provide steady evidence that the goal is impossible. But if you simply set an intention without being concerned about "HOW", then such objections dissolve. Some practical remiders

  • Be Clear
  • Watch your thoughts. Virtually every thought has the potential power of an intention. You cannot hold a thought like, "I hate being depressed" while intending to be happy. Shift your focus on what you do want.
  • Watch your words. As you know, the words you use to describe your progress on the way to achieving your intention are very important.
  • Avoid belief-conflits
  • Stay Focused
  • Persist

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