The Last Mile of Analytics, Digest

Just read The Last Mile of Analytics: Making the Leap from Platforms to Tools, http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920034193.do

This new generation of vendors is following the broader business market, which is more interested in deployment and less interested in development.

The Future Is So Yesterday

In the early days of the automobile, most of the innovation revolved around the power plant. After the engine was deemed reliable, the circle of innovation expanded and features such as brakes, steering wheels, windshiled wipers, leather upholstery, and automatic transmissions emerged.

The evolution of advanced analytics is following a similar path as the focus of innovation shifts from infrastructure to applications.

Above and Beyond BI

Drake Pruitt, CEO at LIONsolver:

You understand your customers' workflows and the regulations that are impacting their world. When you understand the customer's problems on a more intimate level, you can build a better solution.

Transcending Data

Carlos Guestrin, Amazon Professor of Machine Learning, University of Washington:

Aggregate statistics are about summarizing data. We're already very good at doing that. But the last mile is about transcending data, going beyond it, and making predictions about what's likely to happen next. That's the last mile.

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